Support for Research with Wearable Devices

ARC is part of the Center on Aging and Health at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. It provides the required technical expertise and infrastructure for investigators seeking to utilize data collection with wearable devices in health research. Offered collaborative services include expertise in study design, data collection, storage, and quality control, followed by data processing and the statistical analysis.

As the popularity and potential of wearable technology continues to increase, there is a greater demand for their use in clinical research. These new opportunities come with significant challenges due to the novelty, complexity, and volume of the collected data. The goal of ARC is to increase the accessibility of wearable devices in research studies and clinical trials by providing streamlined data processing and analysis framework supported by our faculty and staff.

Experimental Design

  • Wearable devices

  • Manuals of procedures

  • Training

Data Collection

  • Transfer

  • Integrity

  • Storage

Analytical Support

  • Data cleaning

  • Characteristics

  • New and existing projects