and Support

We have developed a set of universal protocols, aids, and tools to help simplify and streamline the collection and processing of wearable data in health studies. We offer comprehensive solutions at every stage of research study, including:

  • Study design

  • Selection of wearable devices

  • Proposal writing

  • IRB applications

  • Training for study personnel

  • Manuals of operating procedures

  • Data:

    • transfer

    • cleaning

    • storage

    • analysis

  • Reporting and interpretation of results

  • Assistance with manuscripts

To guarantee the secure, HIPAA compliant transfer and backup of the data we utilize the existing infrastructure of the Johns Hopkins University aided by the designated software and hardware solutions crafted specifically for the big data collected by wearable devices.

To ensure transparency and reproducibility of research, characteristics of the wearable data are calculated using open-access statistical analysis software including: